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yes mona was a consolation in more ways than one well

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Unformatted text preview: loor, with flashbulbs exploding all around her. Stella lying where they had all danced, and that Talamasca man so horrified, rushing away. Horrified . . . Julien, did you foresee this? Has the poem been fulfilled? Evelyn had cried and cried, and later when no one was about, when they had taken Stella's body away, when all was quiet, and the First Street house was plunged into darkness and the random glitter of the broken glass, Evelyn had crept to the library and pulled out the books and opened Stella's secret hiding place in the library wall. Here Stella had hidden all their pictures, their letters, all the things she meant to keep from Carlotta. "We don't want her knowing about us, ducky, but I'll be damned if I'll burn our pictures." Evelyn had taken off the long ropes of pearls that were Stella's and put them there in the dark cavity, with the little keepsakes of their soft and shining romance. "Why can't we love each other always, Stella?" She had cried on the boat home....
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