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Unformatted text preview: I began to write my own canti- cles, simple poetry which I made up, using much rhythm, and to sing these songs at informal gatherings. I much preferred singing to preach- ing. I was tired of hearing myself promulgate simple truths. But I never got tired of singing. Soon people knew that when I appeared, there would be music from me-a brief song, sometimes little more than a poem recited to the strumming of a small lute. And I played a little game of which no one else was aware-I tried to see how many days I could go with no speaking, only singing, without irritating anyone or attracting notice to my little sport. Ten years after my arrival in Italy I was ordained. It would have come sooner if I had wanted it but my study for Holy Orders was /] I 'l deliberately meticulous and slow. I was all the time traveling, walking the roads, and meeting with people and greeting them with the word t God. Time did not seem important. In fact, I had no sense of hurry- '"g towards any destiny at all. I had become...
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