Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

yes said he but you should trust such things to

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Unformatted text preview: him already. He can teach the babe, he must know that. Then as the rain died away, and the moon came out, flooding down into the Rue Dumaine, I saw the answer. I would give him my human form. He already had my soul. Why not give him the form he was always imitating? I would offer him my body for possession. Of course he might try to mutate me and kill me. But it seemed that in all past ventures, he had required the help of me and my mother to mutate flesh. Even to mutate plants or make them spring open. If he had been good at that by himself, he would never have needed any of us. So, it was a safe enough risk, as I would let him live in me and walk about and dance and see, but not mutate me. Now, not knowing whether he would or could hear me over the miles, I called to him. JU1 Within seconds I saw him materialize near the oval mirror which stood in the corner. And I saw his reflection in the mirror! That I had never spied before. How strange that I had not even thought of it. He vanished soon enoug...
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