Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

yes yes my child said the secret voice and the image

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Unformatted text preview: am flesh I shall laugh again." "Again?" said I. He said nothing. Ah, this moment is so clear in my memory. I stood out on the upper LASHER gallery of the house, shielded somewhat by the banana leaves that stroked the wooden banisters. And out on the river, ships made their way north to the port through the channels. All the fields lay in warm spring sunlight, and below on the grass my cousins played, some forty or fifty of them, all below the age of twelve, and around them in rocking chairs sat the uncles and aunts, fanning themselves and chat- ting. And here I stood with this thing, my hands on the rail, my face very grave most likely for the age of nine, trying to get to the heart of it. "All this I have given you," he said, as if he had read my emotions more clearly than I had myself. "Your family is my family; I will bring blessing upon blessing. You do not know what wealth can give. You are too young. You will come to see that you are a prince in a great kingdom. No crowned head in Eur...
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