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you know the next shift asked michael their names

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Unformatted text preview: full and eloquent expression of his own suspicions-the deep sinister feelings which had come over him not long after his return to the Motherhouse from Donnelaith. "If I try now to access the main files, I'll be denied," he said, sort of thinking aloud. "Possibly," said Aaron. "Not everyone in the Order knows comput- ers as you know them, Yuri. If you know the access code of any other member." "I know several," he said. "I should go at once to some place where I can make the calls. I should find out anything else that is there-cross- referenced in any conceivable way. It will take me two days or more to do this. I can go into the Latin which has been scanned and collated. I can use search words. There is much perhaps I could find out." "They might have thought of all that. They must have. But it's worth a try. My mind is too old for it, and so are my fingers. But there is a computer modem with a phone in the house on Amelia Street. It belongs to Mona M...
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