Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

youre saying crazy things to me i dont know you im

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Unformatted text preview: r. The Christ who doesn't know how to make change and has to ask one of the Twelve Apostles, but knows he is going to die on the cross. Her mind was utterly blank, unable to proceed, to frame a response or a plan. Lasher. Her body told her suddenly how frightened of this strange man she was. She had lifted her own hands and was almost wringing them, a characteristic gesture with her, and she saw her own fingers like blurred wings in the corner of her vision. In a rush of rampant pulse and heat, she could not see anything distinct about him suddenly, only the beauty itself, like a reflection marring the view through a window. Her fear surged, paralyzing her, while at the same instant forcing from her another gesture. She raised her hand to her forehead; and in a dark obliterating flash, his hand came out and locked itself around her wrist. Hot, hurtful. Her eyes closed. She was so very frightened that she was not really there for a moment. She was not really alive. She was disconnected and out...
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