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yuri quietly realized what had happened the ghost of

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Unformatted text preview: le disappointments and hopes. Sometimes they talked in a guarded way about the Elders, and Yuri could not discern from the conversation whether Aaron was an Elder or not. Of course Yuri wasn't supposed to know if Aaron was an Elder. But Yuri was almost certain Aaron was. If Aaron wasn't an Elder, then who were the Elders, for Aaron was one of the wisest and oldest men in the entire Talamasca worldwide? When Aaron stayed month after month in the United States investi- gating the Mayfair Witches, Yuri was disappointed. He'd never known Aaron to be away from the Motherhouse so long. When Christmas came near, a lonely time for Yuri as it is for so many, Yuri went into the computer and accessed the File on the May- fair Witches, printing it out in its entirety and studying it very care- fully to get a grasp of what was keeping Aaron in New Orleans for so much time. Yuri enjoyed the story of the Mayfair Witches, but it aroused no special reeling in mm any more man any otner l alamasca tile. r...
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