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asked one of the men tis a dangerous thing to islin

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Unformatted text preview: itten: THE TALE OF THE WITCH OF DONNELAITH "I will buy this from you," I said. "Not on your life," says he. "But I'll have it copied in detail for you." "Good enough." I took out my wallet and laid down a wad of American dollars. "That will do, that will do. Don't get carried away! What a passion- ate fellow you are. Must be the Irish blood. The French are by nature so much more reticent. It's my granddaughter who does the copying and it won't take her that long. She'll give you a lovely transcript in facsimile form on parchment." "Good, now tell me what it says." "Oh, same old foolishness. These pamphlets were circulated all over Europe. This one was printed in Edinburgh in 1670. Tells how Su- zanne, the cunning woman, came under the sway of Satan, and gave him her soul, and how she was tried and burnt, but her daughter the merry-begot was spared, for the child had been conceived on the first of May, and was sacred to God, and no one dared touch her. "The daughter was at last entrusted to the care of a Cal...
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