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he asked her childlike not petulant simply very

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Unformatted text preview: be standing there watching her in her own house, by her own fire. There was no menace in this man's face or manner; indeed, he seemed to be experiencing the very same curios- ity and warmth of interest towards her. He watched her come into the room. She started to close the glass door behind her, but then thought better of it. "Yes? What can I do for you?" she asked. Once again the Gulf had fallen back into a whisper near silence. Her back was to the edge of the world, and the edge of the world was quiet. The fragrance was suddenly overpowering. It seemed to fill the entire room. It mingled with the burning oak logs in the fireplace, and the charred smell of the bricks, and with the cold fresh air. "Come to me, Gifford," he answered with a smooth astonishing simplicity. "Come into my arms." "I didn't quite hear you," she answered, the forced and uneasy smile flashing before she could stop it, the words falling from her lips as she drew closer and felt the heat of the fire. The fragrance was so delicious, made her want to do nothing suddenly but breathe. &quo...
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