Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

he said is anybody still looking for rowan he stopped

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Unformatted text preview: he smiled. Devil's music. Another jab, and she pitched forward, steadying herself on the dashboard. Then she realized she had never put on the seat belt. Terrible, and she a mother carrying a child. Mother . . . I'm here, Emaleth. The time is coming. That can't be yet. Stay quiet. Wait until we are both certain. But another circle of pain wrapped tight around her middle. It pressed white-hot against the small of her back. And there came an- other jab and a soundless sense of something breaking. Fluid leaked between her legs. She felt the wetness and at the same time the blood seemed to drain from her face. That awful lightheaded feeling-you're going to pass out. "Stop the truck now here," she said. At first he didn't understand. "You need help, lady?" "No. Stop the truck. See those lights? Stop there. That's where I'm going. Stop the truck!" She flashed her eyes on him. She saw the intimidation, the fear, yet he eased into the stop. "Do you know who lives back up in there?" "Course I do." She opened the door, and got out, stumbling over the step. Her dress was s...
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