Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

said the laird darkly if it wasnt out of the little

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Unformatted text preview: on her knees. "This is the Prince," she cried. "This is the heir sought by the King." The other women shook their heads in horror, trying to quiet her, telling her it was not possible, such a thing. And my mother turned her head into the pillow, crying for her own mother, for her sister, for those who loved her, averring that no one would stand with her. That were it not a mortal sin in the eyes of God, she would take her own life. Now how do I escape, I thought. I felt fear for my mother. Yet I hated her that she didn't love me, that she thought me monstrous. I knew what I was. I knew there was a place for me, that I had a destiny. I knew this. I knew that her attitude was irreverent and cruel, but I could not put this into words or defend such a position. I wanted only to protect her. We stood in this candlelighted chamber, I and these women, be- neath this dark wooden ceiling, and the midwife gained possession of herself and forswore her former joy. This monster must be taken out, destroyed. Destroyed? The same old song. Not this tim...
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