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what but the point is there could be no doubt these

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Unformatted text preview: way; New Orleans, south. "Michael," Mother said. "Michael Curry. New Orleans. But you know, you know when I think about it, I think the phone is listed under Mayfair. Mayfair and Mayfair. Call Mayfair and Mayfair." Sixteen THEY figured that Alicia CeeCee Mayfair had miscarried at about four p.m. She'd been dead for over three hours when Mona came to see her. They had checked on her, of course. They had shone the light on her, and the nurse said that she hadn't wanted to wake her up. And Anne Marie had been in and out, both before and after the time of death. Nobody had seen anyone else go to that room. It was strictly pri- vate. Leslie Ann Mayfair was making calls to all the women in the family. Ryan was making calls from downtown. His secretary, Caria, was making calls. Mona, when she finally got free of their hugs and kisses, bolted the door of her room against them. Then she tore off the white dress and the ribbon in a fury. Of course she couldn't call Michael and tell hi...
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