Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

355 the talamasca indeed this was no easy task

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Unformatted text preview: enerated in some parts of Scot- land as late as the sixteen hundreds, principally by young girls who would have their most secret wishes granted. Not a true canonical saint." He closed the book. "Well, that doesn't surprise me. Not a true canonical saint. All of this is too early for us to call it history. That means he was never canonized by Rome, you understand. We're deal- ing with another St. Christopher." "I know," said I, but I was mainly quiet, swept up again in the memories. I saw the Cathedral so distinctly. For the first time I truly saw its windows-narrow, high, with bits of colored glass, not pic- tures, but mostly glass mosaics of gold, red and blue-and the rose window, ah, the rose window! Suddenly I saw the flames. I saw the glass shattering. I heard the cries of the mob. I felt myself so much in the midst of it that I knew for an instant my height as I faced the oncoming crowd, I saw my own hands outstretched against them! I shook it off. The old professor...
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