Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Anne Rice v1 Lasher

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Unformatted text preview: tlemen? Not even Aaron will allow it. Not until I've said all I have to say." "Lies," whispered Michael. The creature swallowed as if struck by the condemnation, and then once again he wiped his eye with the back of his right hand. He did it as a child would, on the playground, and then he pressed his lips together and took a deep breath as if he would give way, as Michael had before-to sobs as well as tears. Behind him, on the bed, Rowan lay oblivious, eyes staring into space, undisturbed, protected perhaps-unreachable as before. "No, Michael," he said. "No lies. That I promise you. We know better, don't we, than to believe the truth will excuse anything. But lies you will not hear." ONCE again, the dining room. Only this time the light coming through the windows was the dim golden light of the lamps in the yard. They sat around the table in the shadows. Both the doors were closed. Lasher sat in the place of authority, at the head of the table, one great white hand splayed on the wood before him, staring down at it as if he were dazed. He raised his head and looked about him. He looked...
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