Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

A great warm heaviness lay on her thighs it lay on

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Unformatted text preview: ing fashions. We spoke of photography, with which the villain had a strong fascina- tion. He went often to have himself photographed when he was in my body, though drunk and clumsy as he was, he had difficulty holding still for the camera. He often left these pictures in my pockets. But this whole endeavor proved a great task for him. He would have flesh of his own, not lumber about in mine. And his adoration for Mary Beth knew no bounds. Indeed, sometimes weeks went by when he did not have the forti- tude to come into me. Just as well, as it took me two days to recover. And as Mary Beth grew, Lasher used Mary Beth very often as his excuse. Fine with me, I thought. My reputation's bad enough, and I'm growing older. Also as Mary Beth gained in beauty with every passing day, my soul became more and more troubled. I detested the charade that she was my niece and not my daughter. I wanted my own children, indeed, ] wanted sons. My values came down to such a pitiful and powerful few that I was appalled by the simplicity of it. But my life ran on an even keel. I remained sane, in spite of th( LASHER demon's assaults. I never even approached true madness. I m...
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