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A person who killed them all this is what they must

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Unformatted text preview: d thousands of people like Fa- ther, and like Emaleth herself, for she did see herself now, her own long fingers, and long limbs, and hair swimming in the water of the world that was Mother. The world that was already too small for her. How Father laughed. She saw him dance; she saw him dance as Mother saw him. His song to her was long and beautiful. Flowers were in the room. Lots and lots of flowers. The scent was everywhere mingled with the scent of Father. Mother cried and cried and Father tied her hands to the bed. Mother kicked him and Father cursed; and there was thunder in heaven. Father, please, please, be kind to Mother. "I will. I'm going now, child." He gave her the secret message. "And I'll come back with food for your mother, food that will make you grow strong; and when the time comes, Emaleth, fight to be born, fight anything which tries to oppose you." It made her sad to think of fighting. Whom was she to fight? Surely not Mother! Emaleth was Mother. Emaleth's heart was tied to Mother's heart. When Mother felt pain, Emaleth felt it, as if someon...
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