Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

A year ago she could not have seen to walk downtown

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Unformatted text preview: ve since done a little investigating of my own. Obviously this family has the resources to create Mayfair Medical. I just didn't know. I should have known, I suppose. Everybody was talking about it. Rowan is the smartest and best surgeon I ever trained." "I'm sure she is. Did she tell you anything about the specimens when she talked to you? You said she called from Geneva and that was February twelfth." "Again, I want to talk to Ryan, next of kin. Talk to the husband, see what is the right thing to do." "The specimens ought to have everyone at the Keplinger Institute quite astonished," said Lightner. "I wish you would tell me the full extent of what Rowan sent. Let me explain my interest. Was Rowan herself in ill health when she spoke to you? Did she send any sort of medical material that pertained to her?" "Yes, she did send samples of her own blood and tissue, but there's no evidence she was sick." "Just different." "Yeah, I dare say. Different. You are right on that." Lightn...
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