Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

A young doctor with a stethoscope over his shoulder

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Unformatted text preview: ke of me, and you know? You are wrong. I am not new, my darling dear, I am old, older by far than you can imagine. But my time is coming again. I could not have chosen a better moment for my childlike loving progeny. Don't you want to know what I am?" "You're monstrous, you're unnatural, you're cruel and impulsive. You cannot think straight or concentrate. You're mad." He was so angry that he couldn't answer her for a moment. He wanted to hit her. She could see his hand opening and closing. "Imagine," he said, "if all mankind died out, my darling dear, and all the genes for mankind rode in the blood of one miserable apelike creature, and he passed it down and down, and finally, to the apes was born again a man!" She said nothing. "Do you think that man would be very merciful to the lower apes? Especially if he secured a mate? An ape woman who could breed with him to form a new dynasty of superior beings-" "You're not superior to us," she said coldly. "The hell I'm not!" he said wrathfully. "I don't know for sure how it happened, bu...
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