Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Aaron himself had explained that situation how they

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Unformatted text preview: other's words. Paige laid her small leather pocketbook on the floor, and came to the bed. "Turn out the lights, except for the candles." "That's nonsense," said Fielding. "I prefer it that way," said Paige. "I prefer that there will be no distractions." Then she looked down at Rowan, studying her slowly from her smooth forehead down to the feet poking straight up beneath the sheet. Paige's face looked sad, deliberately sad and thoughtful. "This is useless," said Fielding. He was obviously finding it difficult to remain standing. Mona tugged him over closer to the bed. "Here, lean on the mat- tress," she said, trying not to be impatient. "I've got your arm. Lay your hand on her. One hand will do it." "No, both hands, please," said Paige. "Absolute idiocy!" said Fielding. The others closed in around the bed. Michael stepped back but then Lily gestured that he must join them too. They all laid their hands on Rowan...
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