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Aaron took his arm a young woman with jet black hair

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Unformatted text preview: black policemen-reluctant as she was to leave Aaron there. Now, back at First Street, enshrined beneath the satin-lined half tester and covered with ancient quilts and imported coverlets, Rowan Mayfair continued to breathe, unaided. It was already six p.m. and she was not dead. An hour ago, they had commenced intravenous feeding-fluids, lipids. "It is not life support," said Dr. Fleming. "It is nourishment. Otherwise, we would be technically starving her to death." Michael apparently hadn't argued. But then there were so many people involved. When he called, he told Mona the room was full of nurses and doctors. He confirmed that the security men were all over, and on the gallery outside the window, and down in the street. People were wondering what was happening. But the armed guards were not such an unfamiliar sight in a city like New Orleans in this day and age. Everybody hired them for par- ties, get-togethers. When you went to school for a nighttime function there they were at the gates....
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