Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

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Unformatted text preview: t. Keep it safe, Eve, play the waltz for me. "Pass it on to those who would cherish it after Mary Beth is gone. Mary Beth can't live forever any more than I can. Never let Carlotta get it. A time will come . . ." And then he'd sunk into sadness again. Better to make love. "I cannot help it," he had said. "I see but I can do nothing. I do not know any more than any man what is really possible. What if hell is utterly solitary? What if there is no one there to hate? What if it's like the dark night over Donnelaith, Scotland? Then Lasher comes from hell." "Did he really say all that, now?" asked Stella, years later, and only a month after that very conversation, Stella herself had been shot and killed. Stella whose eyes closed forever in the year 1929. So much life since the death of Stella. So many generations. So much world. Sometimes it was a downright consolation to hear her beloved red- haired Mona Mayfair railing against modernism. "We've had nearly an entire century, you realize, and the...
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