Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

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Unformatted text preview: do anything nodded. Lauren looked exhausted but otherwise calm. Anne Marie was the only one who seemed frankly horrified. The biggest surprise perhaps was Lightner. Lightner was looking out the window. He was looking at the river down there and the lighted bridges of the Crescent City Connection. He seemed not even to have noticed that Pierce and Mona had come in. He did not look at Pierce now. Or at Mona. "Aaron," Pierce said, "I thought you'd have some help for us, some LASHER guidance." That just popped out of Pierce's mouth before he could stop himself. It was the sort of thing he said which constantly got him into trouble. His father said, A lawyer does not speak what is on his mind! A lawyer keeps his own counsel. Aaron turned towards the table, and then folded his arms and looked at Mona, and then at Pierce. "Why would you trust me now?" Aaron asked in a quiet voice. "The point is this," said Randall. "We know this is one individual. We know that he is six and one-half feet tall. That he has...
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