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Ah but most of that talamasca history had been quite

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Unformatted text preview: r silence. And her voice was still her voice, and she could still begin her chant, like the elder of a tribe giving forth the oral history: "I would have died in that attic had it not been for Julien-mad and mute, and white as a plant that has never seen sun. Julien got me with child and that was your mother, poor thing that she became." "But why, why did Oncle Julien do it with a girl so young?" Gifford had asked only once, so great was the thunder in response: "Be proud of your Mayfair blood. Be proud. Julien foresaw every- thing. The legacy line was losing his strength. And I loved Julien. And Julien loved me. Don't seek to understand those people-Julien and Mary Beth and Cortland-for then there were giants in the earth which there are not now." Giants in the earth. Cortland, Julien's own son, had been Ancient Evelyn's father, though Ancient Evelyn would never admit it! And Laura Lee, Julien's child! Dear God, Gifford couldn't even keep track of the lines unless she took a pen and paper and traced them out, and that she frankly...
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