Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Ah how beautiful were these merely unfolding humans

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Unformatted text preview: ith us?" It seemed that some eruption of chatter or merry laughter always prevented him from having to answer. He ate his meat without enthu- siasm. He looked about anxiously, and then suddenly my father sprang to his feet. He raised his cup. I could scarce make out his profile or his eyes, for all his long straggled brown hair and beard, but I heard his voice declare, loud, and ringing, and overriding everything: "To my beloved father, to my mother, to my elders and to my kindred, I present this boy-Ashlar, my son!" It seemed a cheer rose from the company, a great awful roar, only LASHER to be strangled suddenly into rigid silence beneath a volley of whispers and gasps. All the company went still, eyes fixed upon my father and upon me. He reached down, groping as it were with his right hand, and I rose as he obviously wished me to do, standing taller than he, though he was as tall as the other men. Again, gasps and whispers came from the company. One of the women gave a scream. The L...
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