Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Alicia and giffbrd had needed her then alicia had

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Unformatted text preview: stance, she crossed the lakeside of the Avenue at once. She had to wait a moment on the riverside, but soon her chance came. She had always liked the riverside as they called it. And she knew that Patrick was in the restaurant on the corner, drinking and eating his breakfast as he always did. She crossed Amelia Street and the tiny street called Antonine which came in there only a few feet from Amelia, and she stood on the corner and looked through the glass windows of the restaurant. There was Patrick-scrawny and pale-at the end table, as always, with his beer and his eggs, and the newspaper. He did not even see her. He would stay there, drinking beer and reading the paper for half the day, and then go downtown for a little while perhaps and drink some more in a bar he liked in the Quarter. In the late afternoon, Alicia might wake up and call Patrick at the bar and begin to scream for him to come home. So he was there, and he did not see her. How could he? Would he ever have expected Ancient Evelyn to leave t...
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