Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

All these years in italy i have heard stories of

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Unformatted text preview: - ence, with old peeling ocher walls, and bright flowers flourishing in the sheltered sun. Three other women sat there, together on a bench be- neath a tree. All wore wide and beautiful skirts, rich sleeves, and had high bosoms which began to drive me mad. And the one who had brought me in, I saw now she was an ordinary woman! Her face was on the front of her body, like that of anyone else. It had all been some kind of illusion with the veils she pulled from her hair. Some little trick. She confessed this to me, and this set them all to laughing so much I thought they would never stop. I was dizzy. Suddenly these women were crowding about me and saying, "Father, take off your clothes. Come, stay with us in this gar- den." And the blond one, who bore the famous name of Lucrezia, said that she had bound me with spells to make me come, but not to fear, they weren't witches, rather their men were gone off to hunt in the country, and they would do as they pleased. Their men gone off to hunt? This sounded bizarre. But I perceived the truth beneath it. These were whores, but whores free for the day, and I was the object of their d...
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