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All this i wrote in my book but i was highly

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Unformatted text preview: was peering curiously at me. "You do have a great passion for these things, don't you?" "Almost an unholy passion," I said. "A cathedral of the twelve hundreds. That's not too early to be called history." "No, indeed not," he said, and now he went to another shelf, to a whole series of books on the churches and ruins of Scotland. "So much has been lost, you see, so much. Why, if it weren't for the present scholarly interest in all these things, every trace of those Catholic edifices would have been . . . here, 'Highland Cathedrals.' 347 "Donnelaith Cathedral, under the patronage of the Clan of Don- nelaith, greatly expanded and enhanced from 1205 to 1266, by their chieftains. A special Christmas Devotion fostered by the Franciscan friars drew thousands from the surrounding area. No records remain today, but the principal patrons were always members of the Don- nelaith clan. Some records believed to be ... in Italy." I gave a long sigh. I didn't want to be disl...
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