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Always wherever he went and whatever he did yuri

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Unformatted text preview: l meant the same thing. "No jail!" he said. "No, none of that," said the man patiently. "You can come with me to our house in Amsterdam, and go and come as you like. This is a safe place, our house in Amsterdam. You will have a room of your own." A safe place. A room of his own. "But who are you?" asked Yuri. "Our name is the Talamasca," the man said. "We are scholars, students if you please. We accumulate records; we are responsible for bearing witness to things. That is, we feel we are responsible. It's what we do. I'll explain all to you on the plane." "Mind readers," said Yuri. "Yes," said the man. "And outcasts, and lonely ones, and ones some- times who have no one else. And people who are better sometimes than others, much better sometimes. Like you. My name is Aaron Lightner. I wish you would come with me." In the Motherhouse in Amsterdam, Yuri made certain that he could escape any time he wanted. He checked and rechecked the many un- locked doors. The room was small, immaculate, with a window over the canal and the cobblest...
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