Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Ancient evelyn told no one what she saw or didnt see

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Unformatted text preview: alone a child, et cetera. As if they were going to send him to prison! And to think the Talamasca with all their scholarship knew nothing about Mona; knew nothing about Ancient Evelyn and Oncle Julien. Knew nothing about the one little girl in this day and age who might be a real witch, no joke. It gave Gifford a confusing, almost embarrassing, satisfaction to think of it. That the Talamasca did not know any more than the family did why Julien had shot Augustin, or what Julien was about and why he had left so many illegitimate children behind him? Ah, but most of that Talamasca history had been quite impossible to accept. A ghost was one thing; a spirit that- Ah, it was all too distasteful to Gifford. She had refused to let Ryan circulate the docu- ment. It was bad enough that he and Lauren and Randall had read the thing, and that Mona, of all people, Mona had snatched up the file off his desk and read it in its entirety before anyone knew what had happened. But the thing about Mona was this: she did know reality from fantasy. Alicia didn't. T...
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