Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

Anne Rice v1 Lasher

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Unformatted text preview: and acquainted with cruelty and with evil. Katherine really lost her mind before Mary Beth was born. But nobody knew it. From the time of the rape, really, she was never anything any more than a mumbling woman saying her beads, and talking about angels and saints, good for playing with little children. But then came the night of Mary Beth's birth; Katherine was huge with the child, and screaming in agony. I was in the room, with the black midwives and the white doctor, and with Marguerite and all those who were to attend and help. You never saw such a committee assembled. And finally with her last and most wrenching scream, Katherine pushed Mary Beth forth into the world, and here it came, this beautiful and perfect child, resembling more a small female than an infant. By that I mean that though its head was a baby's head, it had rich black curls already, and one shining tooth flashed beneath the baby's upper lip, and its arms and legs were exquisite. It writhed with life and gave forth the most soft and beautiful and lustful cries. They put it into my arms. "Eh bien. Monsieur, this is your niece," said the old doctor with great ceremony. And I looked down at this daughter of mine, and then in the corner of my eye saw the devil come in vapor form, my Lasher, not...
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