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And i thought again of the priests words spoken in

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Unformatted text preview: from my mind my origins. They certainly came to seem vague as time passed. But let me return to the moment. We entered the gates of Assisi at midday. At once I was taken into the Basilica of St. Francis at the opposite end of the town-a grand edifice, though nothing as cold as the Cathedral in Donnelaith. Indeed the place had not pointed arches but rounded ones, and its walls were alive with wondrous paintings of the saint, beneath which was the shrine of the saint, to which the faithful came in droves as they had done for St. Ashlar in my home. Hundreds proceeded to walk round the tomb of the saint, which bore no effigy of him, and was massive, and to lay hands on it, and give LASHER their kisses, and to pray loudly to St. Francis, to beg him for cures, for solace, for his special intercession with the Good God. I too laid hands on the sarcophagus and made my prayer to Francis, who had for me now a personality, a figure wrapped in color and romance. "Francis," I whispered to the stone. &quo...
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