Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

And mona was a child a child whom they knew and loved

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Unformatted text preview: out to Metairie and try to raise Gifford from the dead?" Mona helped Fielding to stand and position his cane. "The Ameri- can Bank used to be the tallest building in New Orleans," he said to Mona. "I know," she answered. She hadn't known, but that was the best way to stop that line of conversation cold. When they came into the master bedroom, the others were already assembled. Michael was with them, standing with arms folded in the far corner looking down at Rowan's unchanged face. The blessed candles were burning on the bedside table nearest the door. The Virgin was there. Probably Aunt Bea did this, thought Mona-these candles, this Virgin with her bowed head, white veil, tiny plaster hands outstretched. Gifford certainly would have done it, if she had been around. No one said a word. Finally Mona spoke. "I think the nurses need to go out." "Well, just what are you going to do in here," said the younger nurse crossly, a sallow woman with blond hair parted...
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