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And mona would eventually know this too this relief

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Unformatted text preview: n. "They've found Gifford on the beach at Destin. They said-" Ryan's voice broke and he could not continue. Then Ryan's son, Pierce, came on the line and he said that he and his father were driving up together. Ryan came back on the phone. Ryan told her she must stay with Alicia, that Alicia would go mad when she "heard." "I understand," said Ancient Evelyn. And she did. Gifford wasn't merely hurt. Gifford was dead. "I will find Mona," she said softly. She did not know if they even heard. Ryan said something vague and confused and rushed, that they would call her later, that Lauren was calling "the family." And then the conversation was finished, and Ancient Evelyn put down the phone and went to the closet for her walking stick. Ancient Evelyn did not much like Lauren Mayfair. Lauren Mayfair was a brittle, arrogant lawyer in Ancient Evelyn's book, a sterile, frosty businesswoman of the worst sort who had always preferred legal docu- ments to people. But she would be fine for calling everyone. Except for Mona. And Mona was not here, and Mona...
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