Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

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Unformatted text preview: st, then put them all around the bed, and taken poison. Or was she simply remembering Deirdre's funeral, with all those flowers and the woman in the coffin like a big doll? This looked like a place to die. Flowers in big bouquets, and in vases everywhere she looked. And if she died, perhaps he'd blunder. He was so foolish. She had to be calm. She had to think, to live and be clever. "Such lilies. Such roses. Did you bring them up yourself?" she asked. 241 He shook his head. "They were all delivered and outside the door before I ever put the key in the lock." "You thought you'd find me dead in here, didn't you?" "I'm not that sentimental, except when it comes to music," he said with a bright smile. "The food is in the other room. I'll bring it to you. What can I do to make you love me? Is there something I can tell you? Is there any news that will bring you to your senses?" "I hate you totally and completely," she said. She sat down on the bed, because there were no chairs in the room, and she could not stand any longer. Her ankl...
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