Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

And stella too holding my hand mamma had to burn all

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Unformatted text preview: name. That is what matters." I was locked up in my rooms with the past, desperate to make a record which might invite a later interpretation. And the more I was left alone to it, and the more I realized I had written everything I knew, the more helpless and hopeless I felt. Finally Lasher appeared. He was as he had been that day we walked to the castle. A friend to me, a comfort. I let him stroke my brow; I let him soothe me with kisses. But secretly I lamented. I had found the thing I needed to know, and it would not help me. I could do no more. Mary Beth loved him, and did not see his power any more than any other witch who had ever dabbled with him, or commanded him or been kissed by him. Finally, I asked him politely and kindly to go away, to go back to the witch and see to her. He consented. Mary Beth, who had only the day before given birth, was still with the blessed baby girl in the hospital, resting comfortably, surrounded by nurses. I went walking by myself through London. I came to an old c...
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