Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

And at last i fell in a stupor singing songs making

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Unformatted text preview: lived the farmers, said my father, on rich land which, though it was now covered with snow, gave good harvests, and provided for fat and healthy sheep. Beyond in the hills, here and there, and there, where he pointed, were other strongholds, in which lesser chieftains loyal to Donnelaith lived under our protection and in peace. Smoke rose from a hundred chimneys pressed within the battle- ments and from the towers scattered and barely visible in the high woods. The air was thick with delicious smells of food cooking. And there rising out of the center of the town stood the massive Cathedral, quite visible beyond the houses and the walls, the snow sliding from its steep Gothic steeples and peaked roof, and light blazing inside it so that its great windows were filled with myriad colors and enchanting designs. I could see, even at this late hour, hundreds mov- ing in and out of the Cathedral doors. "Father, please let me go there!" I begged. I was drawn to this place as if I knew it, yet I did not. I hungered for the disco...
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