Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

And by that time i thought surely evie is all the way

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Unformatted text preview: Find this creature. Figure out where it may appear next. Mona, did you see anything?" "No, nothing. But I want to try to call Michael again. I've been calling up there for two hours. I don't get any answer. I'm really worried. I think I'm going to go . . ." "You're not leaving this room," said Pierce. "You're not going anywhere without me." "That's fine. You can take me up there." Lauren made her characteristic gesture for all to come to atten- tion-the tapping of her pen against the table. Only two traps. Never enough to drive you crazy, Pierce thought. "Let's go through it again. There are no women who have not been notified." "Not that we know," said Anne Marie, "and pray God if we don't know who all the Mayfairs are, then the thing doesn't either." "There are people about questioning potential witnesses all over New Orleans and Houston," said Lauren. "Yes, but no one saw this man leave or enter." "Besides, we know what he looks like," said Mona. "That Dr. Lar- kin told you. So did the witnes...
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