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And from a high promontory just out of the deep

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Unformatted text preview: , even before the Vajl^gible Bede those tribes up there had become the Clan of DonnelaitBlwKl Bede even mentions a cult center, a Christian church there." "What was its name?" I asked. "Don't know," says he. "The Venerable Bede never said, at least not that I remember, but it had to do with a great saint who was, as you can probably guess, a converted pagan. You know, one of those legend- ary kings of great potency who suddenly fell upon his knees and al- lowed himself to be baptized, and then worked a score of miracles. Just 331 the sort of things the Celts and the Picts of those times required of their God if they were going to go over to him. "The Romans never really tamed the Highlands, you know. And neither really did the Irish missionaries. The Romans actually forbade their soldiers from going into the glen, or to the nearby islands. Some- thing to do with the licentiousness of the women. The Highlanders were Catholic later on, yes, fiercely so, ready to fight to the death, but...
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