Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

And he never forgot that they had been his own kins

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Unformatted text preview: ymore. Father loved Mother. He had said, "Remember I love her. We need her. She has the milk, and without the milk you cannot grow to full height." Emaleth waited to rise out of this dark place and stretch her limbs and grow and walk and smile and be in Father's arms. Poor Mother. Mother was in pain. More and more Mother slept. It was lonely and still in the room when Mother slept. Deeper and deeper Mother slept. Emaleth was frightened Mother would not wake. She rolled over and reached out to touch the edges of the world. She saw the light dying all around her. Ah, but it was only twilight again, and the buildings came on, full of light. Soon Emaleth would see light for what it really was, see it distinctly, Father had said. And it was glorious. The dead don't know light, Father had said. The dead know confu- sion. Emaleth opened her mouth and tried to make words. She pressed on the roof of the world. She pushed and turned inside Mother. But Mother slept, tired and hungry and all alone. Maybe it was for...
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