Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

And it seemed the face was wildly con torted and then

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Unformatted text preview: quill pen out of my hand, and give me a start with a smile in the mirror. "Julien," it said, "I could have done this thing stealthily for you! Put away your gun. You do not need it." "Can you so easily kill?" "Laughter." I told it then of two enemies I had made, one a tutor who had insulted my beloved Katherine, and another a merchant who had crassly cheated us. "Kill them," I said. The fiend did. Within the week both had met a bad end-one be- neath the wheels of a carriage, the other thrown from his horse. "It was simple," said the fiend. LASHER "So I see," said I. I think I was fairly drunk with my power. And remember I was only fifteen, and this was the time before the war when we were still isolated from all the world beyond us. As it turned out, Augustin's descendants left our land. They went deep into the Bayou country and built the beautiful plantation of Fontevrault. But that is another story. Someday you must journey up the river road and o...
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