Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

And look because hed made the tiny baby die in her

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Unformatted text preview: erifying, whatever. Except of course for the brief wedding in the sacristy of the Cathedral, which Michael had been compelled to miss. "Downtown Mayfairs marry at the Cathedral," Mona had ex- plained. Mona was asleep now in the front bedroom, on the bed which had been his and Rowan's. It must be exhausting to go from being a fairly poor relation to the Queen in the Castle, he thought. But the family was losing no time in designating Mona. It was a matter of expediency. Never had the family known such turmoil and jeopardy. There had been more "change" in the last six months than ever in the family's history, including the revolution in the ryoos in Saint-Domingue. The family intended to lock up the matter of the designee before any of the cousins could challenge it, before any in- ternecine war began among divisions of descendants. And Mona was a child, a child whom they knew and loved and felt that they could ultimately control. Michael had smiled at that bit of frank explanation which h...
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