Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

And perhaps its time dont fret there is nothing even a

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Unformatted text preview: inside. "You've done well, little head, you've done well." Then back she went to scribbling about future experiments. Michael, when you came to this house and saw the jars, you saw all that ever resulted from this magic. There was nothing more. But how were we to know that? With each new victim we grew more cunning and bold; and more 275 hopeful; we learnt that the body must be strong, not old, and that a youngster with no family or home was our best prospect. I lived in dread Katherine would find out. Katherine was my joy. I sat sometimes looking at Katherine and thinking, If only you knew, yet I could not draw myself away from my mother or from the thing, from any of it. Katherine was my innocent self, perhaps, the child I had never been, the good one I had never cared to be. I loved her. As for my machinations with the fiend, I enjoyed them. I took a secret pleasure even in catching the victims and bringing them home, leading them up the steps, and inducing them to make themselves proper vessels. Each exper...
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