Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

And perhaps that she evelyn had been buried alive

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Unformatted text preview: held the bridle of his horse. "Au revoir, ma ChSrie. " Afterwards little visions of him came so fast they were like the pop of flashbulbs. Julien on the streetcar passing by. Julien in a car. Julien in the cemetery at Antha's funeral. All make-believe perhaps. Why, she could have sworn she glimpsed him for one precious second at Stella's funeral. Is that why she'd spoken so to Carlotta, accusing her outright, as they stood together amongst the graves? "It was the music, wasn't it?" Evelyn had said, trembling as she made her verbal assault, fired with hatred and grief. "You had to have the music. When the band was playing loud and wild, Lionel could come up on Stella and shoot her with the gun. And 'the man' didn't even know, did he? You used the music to distract 'the man.' You knew the trick. Julien told me the trick. You tricked 'the man' with music. You killed your sister, you were the one." "Witch, get away from me," Carlotta had said, seething with...
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