Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

And take mona with you and pierce and clancy and jenn

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Unformatted text preview: an had said once, in a very reckless moment, "You know, Gifford, there are only two things in life that matter-family and money, that's really it. Being very very rich, like we are, and having your family around you." How she had laughed. It must have been April i5th, and he had only just filed his income tax. But she'd known what he meant. She was no painter, no singer, no dancer, no musician. Neither was Ryan. And family and money were their entire world. Same with all the Mayfairs she knew. The family was not just the family to them; it was the clan; the nation; the religion; the obsession. I could never have lived a life without them, she thought, mouthing the words as she liked to do out here, where the wind off the water devoured everything, where the featureless roar of the waves made her feel lightheaded and as if she could in fact sing. Ought to sing. And Mona will have a good life! Mona will go to whatever college she wants! Mona can stay or go. She will have choices. There wasn't a fit cousin fo...
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