Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

And the rest of his words going on and on like a song

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Unformatted text preview: e with no mystery and no pain. The man even had the mustache and neatly groomed beard of the familiar Christ. They made his face seem grand and saintly. Yes, he looked like that, sprt of-this man. Who the hell was this man? Some neighbor who had wandered in the front door to beg a twenty-five-amp fuse or a flashlight? Dressed in Harris tweed? He stood in her living room, looking down at the fire, with the long flowing profile of Jesus, and gradually he turned and looked at her, as if he had heard her all along, moving through the windy dark, and knew that she had come into earshot and stood now silently question- ing him with her hand on the steel frame of the door. Full face. It was suddenly a bright redeeming beauty that impressed her; something that bore the weight of the extravagant hair and the precious clothes; and another element struck her, other than the seduc- tiveness of his face. It was a fragrance, almost a perfume. It wasn't sweet, however, this perfume. It wasn't flowers, and it wasn't candy and it wasn't spice. No, But it was so inviting. It made her want...
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