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And the thing appeared as me he wore my styles he

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Unformatted text preview: her, be loves us. He loves you and he loves me. He wants to fill the world with our children. Mother moaned in the silence. "Emaleth, be still," she said. "I am sick." And Mother twisted in pain on the bed, her ankles bound apart, her wrists bound apart, the scent of the flowers sickening her. Emaleth wept. The sadness of Mother was too terrible for her to bear. She saw Mother as Father had seen her, so wan and worn with the dark circles around her eyes, like an owl in the bed, an owl; and Emaleth saw in the deep dark woods an owl. Darling, listen to me, you will not be inside me forever. Soon you'// be born and at that time, Emaleth, I may die. It may be at the very moment of my death that you come. No, Mother! That was too terrible to think of. Mother dead! Emaleth knew dead. She could smell dead. She saw the owl shot with an arrow and falling to the floor of the forest. Leaves stirred. She knew Death as she knew up and down and all around, and water, and her own skin and her h...
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