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And then there had been an cient evelyn always

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Unformatted text preview: wasn't sure which one was her mother-Gifford or Alicia. And then there had been An- cient Evelyn always holding Mona on her lap, and even though An- cient Evelyn wouldn't talk very much she still sang those old melancholy songs. Gifford had seemed the logical choice for a mother, because Alicia by that time was already a prodigious drunk, but Mona had it right and had for years. Mona was the woman of the house at Amelia Street. They'd talked a lot in those days about that body upstairs. They'd talked about Cousin Deirdre, the heiress, who wasted away in her catatonia. They'd talked about all the mysteries of First Street. The first time Mona had ever come into First Street-right before Rowan's marriage to Michael-she had fancied she could smell that body still. She'd wanted to go up and lay her hands on the spot. Michael Curry had been restoring the house, and workmen were up there painting away. Aunt Gifford had said for Mona to "Stay put!" and given her a stern look every time Mona tried t...
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