Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

And then there was michael mussed and shaken sitting

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Unformatted text preview: a. The Talamasca brought me into adult- hood. I might not have been brought that far if it hadn't been for the Order. But something is not right. People are acting in strange ways. Your tone is strange. I want to speak directly with the Elders. I want to speak to them!" "That never happens, Yuri," said Stolov quietly. "No one speaks to the Elders, you know that. Aaron could have told you that. You can communicate with them in the customary fashion . . ." "Ah, this is an emergency." "For the Talamasca? No. For Aaron and for Yuri, yes, definitely. But for the Talamasca, nothing is an emergency. We are like the Church of Rome." "Rowan Mayfair, you said they found her. What is this about?" "She is in Mercy Hospital, but sometime this morning they will take her home. Overnight she was on a respirator. This morning they removed her from it. She continues to breathe on her own. But she will not recover. They confirmed this last night. There has been enormous toxic damage to her brain, the...
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