Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

And there were times in my old age when i wondered

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Unformatted text preview: of John Knox, surely there were records of that time; there must have been." "Up in smoke," said the old man. "We're talking about an ecclesias- tical revolution. You cannot imagine the number of monasteries de- stroyed by Henry the Eighth. Statues and paintings were sold off, burnt. Sacred books lost forever. And when they finally broke the defenses of Donnelaith, everything was reduced to cinders." He sat down and began to pile these books in a semblance of order. "I'll find everything for you," he said. "If there is any indication any- where of records from Donnelaith being taken somewhere else I'll find it. But I can tell you my guess. It's lost. A land of monasteries and cathedrals lost its treasures then. And Henry, the scoundrel, it was all for money. All for money and that he would marry Anne Boleyn! Ah, despair, that one man should so turn the tide. Ah, here, look, 'St. Ashlar, the special saint of young girls who would have their secret wishes granted.' I know I'll find a dozen more mentions such as this." At las...
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