Anne Rice - v1, Lasher

And two of the rear bathrooms hadnt worked now in

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Unformatted text preview: top shelf of the closet-thick, old-fashioned gowns, in gay flowered patterns. She chose the most outrageous-a pink gown, with red roses on it, and she turned on the water in the long deep tub. Carefully she removed the pink taffeta bow from the back of her hair, and laid it on the dressing table beside the brush and comb. Ah, what a dream house, she thought. So unlike Amelia Street with its claw-foot tubs, and damp rotted floorboards; where the few remain- ing towels were chewed and worn, and would be until Aunt Bea brought by a new load of hand-me-downs. Mona was the only one who ever laundered them; she was the only one who ever laundered any- thing, though Ancient Evelyn swept the banquette, as she called the sidewalk, every day. This house showed you what could be done with love. Old white tile, yes, but new and thick plum-colored carpet. Brass fixtures that really worked, and parchment shades over the sconces beside the mir- ror. A chair with a pink cushion; a small chandelier descending from t...
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